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Paper Bags to Replace Single Use Plastic Bags
Issue Time:2018-11-30
As has been recently established, beginning on October the 1st, Georgia will gradually cease the production, usage, and circulation of single-use plastic bags.  But this new ruling then brings to question what will replace these bags?  Paper bags will be the replacement.

As plastic fades out, in comes paper.  The new paper bags will aid in Georgia’s attempt to become a greener and more environmentally friendly nation, but they will also be more expensive.  According to Alverd Chankseliani, a representative of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Rural Development, the production cost of paper bags is higher and, in turn, the prices of the bags will also have to be raised.  

But Chankseliani iterated that the money is not a deterrent as polyethylene bags are dangerously harmful to the earth.  They affect the ecosystem, human health, and essentially the health of all living organisms. The cost may be higher monetarily for the paper version, but Georgia is part of a movement to help stop the production of products and materials that threaten the environment. 

With the introduction of the paper bags, Georgia is moving forward positively, and plastic bags are slowly become more and more obsolete.  

By Shirin Mahdavi