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Some News About Plastic Bags Banned
Issue Time:2018-06-16

Many years ago,in fact china ever banned over the plastic bags and in the supermarket if you need plastic bags,they will charge you extra for this plastic bags, But the whole effect is very small,only in the big supermarket. So many small markets including selling food,vegetables,so many areas,still using too much plastic every day which has caused big plastic waste in China and polluted our lands,rivers etc. The western countires such as Europe and North America now is doing much better than China. The law will become more and more strict over the plastic bag usage.Around 2020,those thicker plastic bags will no longer be considered reusable. Composyable plastic bags will also be bannned.

As the world tries to lower the plastic waste,the higher price for checkout bags has some comsumers thinking twice.For me, each time when i go to the supermarket,i do not use the plastic bags,i reject the plastic bags in my mind and bring my own recycled tote bags,recycled paper bags.

Using less plastic bags,non-recycled bags,let us work together to protect our global mother.